■KATA basic subject
 ■Basic subject
 愛媛県日本拳法連盟 今治拳友会
 The KATA picked a representative thing suitable for attack and defense from individual basic technology and assembled it exemplarily.
 The first purpose of the KATA lesson is primarily I straighten basics, and to repair a bad habit, Movement becomes sharp by mastering correct technology, It is provided with power of attack and the defense with the use of the body by knowing a chance.
 Second it leads to the training of the character by learning improvement of spirit and improvement of the mind and manners. The basic subject determined it in order that Nippon Kempo Renmei planned the basic technical diffusion and complete, It is an examination subject of the council for promotion grade.
 The basic training is required than daily life, I learn this basic subject to improve in Nippon Kempo, and it is the most important that master.